An Institution committed towards the holistic development of
every child




PON VIDYA MANDIR SR. SEC. SCHOOL, the dream project of Pon Foundation came into existence in the year 2009. The beginnings though modest, the goals are big. The aim of the foundation is to design an institution which would in future become a beacon for excellence in education. The philosophy of the school believes in the holistic development of every child.

Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School is an amalgamation of the best educational philosophies and pedagogy aimed at providing world class education right from kindergarten through primary to senior secondary education.

Individual attention is given to the pupils with the aim of chiseling them to be confident, inspired individuals trained for leadership and for shouldering higher responsibilities in life.

Our Mission

Our endeavour is to equip every child with all the life skills necessary for a scintillating future and to face the world with self esteem and self confidence. Hence our mission statement is "Let Every Child Blossom."

Our Vision

The school aims at developing the total personality of the child to make him/her a better citizen of tomorrow, by imbibing in him/her the qualities of leadership, reverence for Indian culture, regard for elders and respect for the noble ideals and norms of society. We are of the firm belief that as an institution dedicated to the cause of education, we must help children to:

  • Have a sense of pride in our rich cultural heritage, ancient wisdom and value systems that will go a long way to face the challenges of tomorrow
  • Recognize their potential and shape them into confident, responsible, balanced and multifaceted individuals with well-groomed personalities
  • Set high ambitions in life and encourage them to passionately pursue their goal with steadfastness
  • Become lifelong learners, gain knowledge, think, question, apply, innovate and be in control of their lives and at all times

Chairman's Message

PON VIDYA MANDIR SR. SEC. SCHOOL has been started with a great passion for providing quality education for the children in and around Karur. We have been providing a competent environment that facilitates the children grow confidently and gracefully.

Children are precious gifts of the Almighty. Every child in Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School matters a lot to us. We are happy that our parents have welcomed our mission and vision and have joined us in this mammoth task of bringing up the children..

I wish the staff, children, parents and all well wishers of PVM a glorious and successful future.

With Best Wishes,
P. Sathiya Narayanan

About Our Founder Mentors

The Academic Advisory Board of Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School consists of experienced educationists with over 60 years of experience in teaching and developing schools with a well-rounded and balanced curriculum.


Late. Smt. Tara Sathyanarayana

Former Principal of Vidya Mandir, Mylapore and Former Correspondent of Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar Chennai, was not only a beloved and well respected person in Chennai circles, but had also endeared herself to one and all at Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School.



CEO Bala Vidya Mandir Group of Schools, Chennai, was selected by US Government to be a part of Global Secondary Educator's Summit held in USA in 2006. He was the recipient of the CBSE Best Teacher Award in 2006 and the award was given by Hon’ble President of India..

School Management Committee

  • Mr. C. Periasami, Founder

    The founder of Pon Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School. His vision of starting a CBSE school in a rural atmosphere catering to the educational needs of children from all walks of life has generated great appreciation from the public.

  • Mr. P. Sathiya Narayanan, Chairman, Pon Foundation

    Mr. Sathiya Narayanan is a man of vision with full of passion for the children. His ideas and vision executed in the school have brought far- reaching results in the field of education. A Rotarian and a Philanthropist he is well respected in the region of Karur.

  • Mrs. S. Nithiyananthi, Secretary, Pon Foundation

    A post graduate in Psychology Mrs. Nithiyananthi has fashioned the school in line with the school’s motto “ Let Every Child Blossom.” A passionate educator with progressive thinking in line with Indian tradition and values, she directs and guides the spectrum of the school.

  • P.Vinoltan B.Sc., M.A.B.Ed., Principal, PVMSSS - Member

    P.Vinoltan B.Sc., M.A.B.Ed., (English) He has 17 years of experience in education field. He has worked as a teacher, coordinator, Head of the department(English) & principal in various CBSE schools. Now, he has joined PVM as principal academics.

  • Mrs. S. N. Vidhya, Vice - Principal, PVMSSS – Member

    Mrs. S. N. Vidhya is a post graduate in English Literature with B.Ed. She is the Vice Principal of PVMSSS. She is a zealous teacher with dedication and commitment. She has more than ten years of experience as teacher, HoD and Senior Academic Coordinator.

  • Mr. N. Alagendhi, Principal, KV – 2, HAPP, Trichy – Member

    Mr. N. Alagendhi is the Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya-2, Trichy. He holds a post graduate degree in Commerce with B.Ed. He has worked as a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. He conducts various in-service programmes for the teachers across the country. As an able and experienced educator and Principal, he is an asset to Pon Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School’s Management Committee.

  • Mr.A.Marappan, Principal, KV – 1, Ordnance Estate, Trichy – Member

  • Mrs. S.Subbulakshmi, Principal, Geethanjali All India Sr. Sec. School, Erode – Member

    The Principal of Geethanjali All India Senior Secondary School, Erode and the Secretary of Kongu Sahodaya Schools Complex, Mrs.S. Subbulakshmi has been in the field of education for more than 18 years. An eloquent orator, able administrator and a passionate educator, she holds M.A., M.Phil. and B.Ed. in Hindi. Her guidance and assistance are highly appreciable.

  • Mr.M.Mohana Sundharam,Educationist - Member

  • Miss. R. Aarthi, Teacher Representative, PVMSSS - Member

    Miss. R. Aarthi, is a post graduate in Computer Science with B.Ed. She is an enthusiastic teacher and works with dedication. She has 5 years of experience as a teacher in PVMSSS.

  • Mr. S.Karthikesan, Teacher Representative, PVMSSS - Member

    MR. S.KARTHIKESAN M.A, M.ED.,D.T.Ed., in Tamil. He has Been working for four years in this institution. He joined as a Tamil Faculty and presently the HOD of Tamil Department.

  • Mrs.D.Punitha,Teacher Representative, PVMSSS - Member

    Mrs. D. Punitha, is working as a PRT Teacher in Math. She has 2 year of experience as a PRT Teacher in PVMSSS.

  • Mrs. S. Sudha, Parent Representative – Member

    A B.Sc. graduate in Home Science, Mrs. S. Sudha is a well-wisher of the school. She gives timely help and advice for the development of the school. Her contributions for the growth of PVM are highly notable.

  • Mr. V. P. Selvaraj, Parent Representative - Member

    An ardent Physical Education teacher with B.Lit., B.Ed. with B.P.Ed., he is the Physical Education Advisor of PVM since its inception. He has around 26 years of service as Physical Education Teacher. At present he serves as Physical Education Teacher in MAM Ramasamy Chettiyar Government High School, Koundampalayam, Puliyur. Due to his hard work and training, his students have represented in Hockey, Throw Ball and Athletics in State level and won championships. He guides and motivates the Physical Education Department of PVM.

School Prefect Board

Name Grade Position
P.Svethaa XI-B School Pupil Leader
B.N.Hari Nanthan XI-A Sports Secretary
B.S.Dharineesh IX Assistant School Pupil Leader
B.Akshaya IX Assistant School Pupil Leader
R.Dhansika IX Assistant Sports Secretary
S.Gokul XI-A Agni House Captain
M.N.Sasiramv XI-A Akash House Captain
P.G.Kabilan XI-A Prithvi House Captain
R.S.Visvaa XI A Vayu House Captain
S.Rithanya IX Agni House Vice Captain
M.Meenatchi IX Akash House Vice Captain
R.Santhoshini IX Prithvi House Vice Captain
D.Jayavarthini IX Vayu House Vice Captain
V.Ragul Surya VIII A Treasurer Quiz Club
S.S.Thridev VIII B Treasurer English Club
R.Rohith VIII B Treasurer Reading Club
K.S.Prem Jaswanth VIII A Treasurer Cultural & Heritage Club
R.Rithvik VIII B Treasurer National Green Corps
V.Divya Shree VIII B Treasurer Quiz Club
S.Sindhu Lakhari VIII A Treasurer English Club
S.Rithan VII A Treasurer Reading Club
V.Regan Adithya VII B Treasurer Cultural & Heritage Club
S.S.Thiruchselvan VII A Treasurer National Green Corps
R.Abinithi VII B Treasurer Quiz Club
B.Siddarth VII A Treasurer English Club
V.Muthu Kumar VII B Treasurer Reading Club
S.Sri Sakthi VII A Treasurer Cultural & Heritage Club
P.P.Nithisri VI B Treasurer National Green Corps
S.M.Kiruba Sankar VII B Treasurer Quiz Club
R.Keerthana VI B Treasurer English Club
M.Srimathi VI B Treasurer Reading Club
R.Rithish VI B Treasurer Cultural & Heritage Club
S.Balaji Karthick VI A Treasurer National Green Corps
S.Rithanya VIII B Treasurer Quiz Club
S.Nandhan V A Junior Prefect
C.Josika V A Junior Prefect
S.S.Siddharrth V B Junior Prefect
V.Athmika V B Junior Prefect
S.Lalith Kishore VI A Junior Prefect
K.Kaniksha VI A Junior Prefect
S.Rithanyaa VI B Junior Prefect
J.Krishvenkat VI B Junior Prefect
V.Sunetra VII A Junior Prefect
R.Arun Ramasami VII A Junior Prefect
B.Raghav VII B Junior Prefect
V.Dharshini VII B Junior Prefect
K.S.Jeya Suryaa VIII A Junior Prefect
R.Harini VIII A Junior Prefect
C.Rithanya VIII B Junior Prefect
A.Sanjay Kiruthic VIII B Junior Prefect
S.Hansika IX Senior Prefect
S.V.Vignesh Sastha IX Senior Prefect
K.Bhawadharani X Senior Prefect
N.Nihilesh X Senior Prefect
S.Megasri XI A Senior Prefect
C.Hemvarshan XI B Senior Prefect
S.Natshatra Mitra XII A Senior Prefect
S.Kavin Kumar XII A Senior Prefect
S.Salai Soumya XII B Senior Prefect
S.Vignesh XII B Senior Prefect

CBSE Mandatory

CBSE Vision – “The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavor. The Board commits itself to provide a stress-free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace”.

The method of evaluation would be Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Our school is committed to the academic transcendence of all our students keeping in mind of all norms laid down by CBSE.

Chinmaya Vision Programme

The Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP) has its roots in Poojya Gurudev Chinmayananda's vision of education. Swami Chinmayananda was not only a legendary saint but also a visionary with a clear insight. CVP insists on "Yatha Dristi Thatha Srishti." To one whose vision is narrow, the world appears narrow and on the contrary to one with a vision, infinite are the potentials in the world. CVP aims at gifting our children with the right vision and right attitude to make them achieve success with greater peace and happiness and ultimately transform as ideal citizens displaying the role of humanity on the earth.

The programme is indeed a comprehensive educational strategy identified under four heads:

• Integrated Development of the child(i.e. physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual )
• Indian Culture
• Patriotism
• Universal Outlook

Swamiji saw children as builders of future. He designed and organised CVP to teach children principles of our religion and culture and help them realize their innate potential in the light of dynamic spirituality.

Today's academic education is merely 'a lot of information' on many subjects. But, in reality, education has the larger purpose of transformation of the individual. Hence CVP's 'education with a vision' becomes more relevant in the present scenario.

A judicious combination of academics and cultural and value education is the purpose of CVP. The programme complements academic excellence by giving the child an added dimension of learning values to make Vidyalayas true vidya- alayas i.e., temples of learning.

CVP aims to lead all children to evolve with outstanding and lasting character and achievement. CVP is concretisation of education with integration of intellectual and spiritual development with a perfect blend of patriotism and universal outlook.

Enshrines the philosophy of education
Nurtures physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth
Helps discover inherent divinity
Integrates and exposes to Indian culture
Creates dedication and commitment
Imparts universal holistic view of life
Unfolds the child to blossom

CVP will be implemented in our school from this academic year which will have a significant bearing on the children in their successful future and a harbinger of good fortune.


There are umpteen reasons for the parents to choose Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School as an ideal school for their children. We have listed a few amongst them.

  • Well-qualified, well trained, committed teaching fraternity.
  • State of the art infrastructure in the form of well-equipped labs for science and languages.
  • Opportunity for the students to realize practically the theoretical concepts learned with hands on experience.
  • Abundant opportunities are provided for the students to showcase their inherent talents in ways of club activities and General Assemblies.
  • Student-centered learning focusing on the needs of learning styles, placing the teacher as an adept facilitator of learning. Accordingly suitable modifications have been incorporated in the design of the curriculum, course content and interactivity of courses.
  • As seeing visually what they learn will enable the students to gain knowledge what long hours of lecturing cannot do so, field trips are a part of our curriculum. The field trips are for all grades, well designed with hand-picked locations and spread throughout the academic year.
  • No formals for students from Pre Primary upto grade V.
    Staying abreast with current affairs, both nationally and internationally is of paramount importance. To ensure our students are enlightened in current affairs we have subscribed to The Hindu student edition. We have developed a unique method wherein it is mandatory for the students to find answers to questions based on a particular day's newspaper and submit to class teacher. Prizes are awarded at the end of each month for students who have submitted the answers regularly throughout the month. This is to make the students develop the habit of reading newspapers regularly which would reap them the benefits later on in their career as after all, ‘Rome was not built in a day.’
  • Every child on stage:
    At Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School every child is important. As a proof of this it is seen that every child pursuing studies at Pon Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School is on stage during the school events such as Sports Day and Annual Day. Every child is given an opportunity, on a rotational basis to present the Thought for the day, render Thirukkural, readout the day's headlines which would be instrumental in liberating them from stage fear. To promote communal harmony and unity among all, we also make children to read from The Bible, The Quran and The Bhagavad Gita.
  • A well knit and well maintained fleet of buses for a safe and comfortable transport.
  • A perfect, comfortable hostel facility with all required amenities, separate for boys and girls is available where the parents can absolutely leave their children in our reliable care. The students are adequately taken care of and also have the privilege of having study hours under supervision of teachers.
  • Importance of Sports

  • All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Sports are imperative in any educational institution to have fine musculature and a supple body. Moreover, to develop a sound mind, a sound body is essential.
  • Growing children require regular physical exercises, games and sports, not only to enhance their vitality but also to develop team spirit and sportsmanship. Valour, courage and fortitude to face adversities in life are also inculcated through sports.
  • Carnival of Eureka

  • Children are budding scientists and our aim is to ignite their minds, to promote scientific temper, our school organizes carnival of eureka to bring out the latent talent and bringing out the curiosity of the child. Here we give opportunity to the child to explore the scientific world.
  • Young Creator’s Day

  • Our children are inspired by exposing themselves to child prodigies to show that age is no bar for achievement. We also instill the never die and never give up spirit by associating with great people.